What makes a libertarian different?

The demopublican house talks about power, plumbing and
curtains; libertarians say the foundation is rotten and the
whole house is riddled with bureaucratic, parasitic termites.
Authoritarian statists talk about spending our money wisely
despite years of evidence to the contrary; libertarians say keep
your tax money -- you can allocate better than bureaucrats.
Demopublican Republicrats are swatting at flies left and right;

Libertarians want to drain the swamp.

To be replaced by what? What would a libertarian society look like?
It would be a department store of choice. You can get a
wide variety of items from a large discount store, and the thing that makes
them give good value is all the other
choices we have -- competition.
We need to expand this concept into areas such as education, communication,
transportation, garbage collection, libraries and
personal activities that don't harm others.

It's an exciting, natural progression in human evolution: a
caterpillar turned into a butterfly -- TRANSFORMATION.
Politicians would pass laws against caterpillars doing that;
they'd be labeled "radical fringe" and locked up, as an example.

Because caterpillars are easier to control and manipulate than butterflies.


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