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            Robert Ingersoll   1885

"Throne and altar are twins, two vultures from the same egg."


            Ben Tucker   Liberty Magazine    1881

"Church and state are a double-headed monster.
They keep people drugged with a superstitious reverence for the fiction of authority."
        [Notice he said "a double-headed monster" and not  "two monsters."
         He meant they share the same body.]


            Ancient Egypt:   "The king is God in human form."


            Chou Dynasty   1120 BC   China

"Political rulers are chosen by a divine mandate from heaven."


            VEDAS   (Hindu Scriptures)   1000-600 BC   India

"The sacred caste system sprang from Brahma, the Creator. It assigns to each person their place in society from birth to death: work, marriage, customs, eating, and all activities. The castes are in order: priests, kings and warriors, businessmen and farm owners, common workers, and the lowest are outcasts--untouchables."


            Plato   THE REPUBLIC   Athens   370 BC

"We can contrive a royal myth. We'll say God commands life's places. People must harden and degrade their hearts to where they properly belong. That would convince our community and increase state loyalty. Do you think they will believe it?"
                 [Yes Plato, they swallowed it--hook, line and sinker.]


            THE BIBLE   Romans 13:1-7

"Obey state authorities. They are put there by God. Those who disobey government laws, disobey God. Government servants are God's servants: honor and respect them. Pay your taxes gladly. Taxes are used for God's work."


            1 Peter 2:13-17

"For the Lord's sake, obey every law of your government: those of the king as head of state and his officers, for he has sent them to punish all who do wrong, and honor those who do right. Fear God and honor the government."


            THE KORAN   4:62    655    Mecca    "Obey authorities."


            The Aztecs   1428-1521   Mexico

"Every detail of Aztec life centered on their religion. Church and state were one."


            Niccolo Machiavelli    THE PRINCE    1513     Italy

"Wise men: to remove the difficulty of enforcing laws, resort to divine authority."


            New Hampshire Constitution   BILL OF RIGHTS  #6   1784 to present

"Morality and piety, rightly grounded on high [religious] principles, will give the best and greatest security to government, and will lay in the hearts of men the strongest obligation to due subjection."


            Mormon Articles of Faith  #12   1840 to present    Utah

"We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers and magistrates,
        in obeying, honoring and sustaining the law."


            Karl Marx    1848

"The mortgage held by the peasants on the heavenly estates guarantees
        the mortgage held by the bourgeoisie on the peasant estates."


            Japan    January 1, 1868

"The old religion was revised. Intensive propaganda convinced the people
        the restored emperor had divine wisdom."


            Friedrich Nietzsche    BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL    1885

"For those who rule,  Religion is an additional means for
        overcoming resistance in the exercise of authority."


            Robert Ingersoll    1885

"Throne and alter were twins--two vultures from the same egg.
To attack the king was treason; to dispute the priest, blasphemy.
The sword and cross were allies.
Together they attacked the rights of men; they defended each other.
The king owned the bodies of men, the priests the souls.
One lived on taxes collected by force, the other on alms collected by fear.
Both robbers, both beggars.
The king made laws, the priest made creeds.
With bowed backs the people carried the burdens of one,
        with open mouthed wonder received the dogmas of the other.
The king said rags and hovels for you,  robes and palaces for me.
The priest said God made you ignorant and immoral;
He made me holy and wise;  you are the sheep,
I am the shepherd; your fleeces belong to me.
You must not reason,  you must not contradict,  you must believe."


            Will Durant    THE STORY OF CIVILIZATION    1935

"War led to the growth of government. Property was the mother, war the father, of the state. It used and forged many instruments of indoctrination: the family, church and school. These built in the soul of the citizen a habit of patriotic loyalty and pride, saving many policemen. This prepared the gullible public mind for the docile coherence desired by the ruling minority."


            Albert J. Nock    OUR ENEMY, THE STATE    1935

"The average individual's attitude toward the State is precisely what his attitude was toward the Church in 1500. The State was then a very weak institution; the Church was very strong. The individual was born into the Church in the formal, documented fashion in which he is now born into the State. He was taxed for the Church's support, as he is now for the State. The Church controlled the distribution of certain privileges and immunities, and if one approached it properly, one might get the benefit of them. A similar vulture pervades our society with respect to the State, and for like reasons. The citizen was supposed to accept the official theory and doctrine of the Church, to conform to its discipline; again, precisely the sanctions the State now lays upon him. If he were reluctant or rebellious, the Church made a satisfactory amount of trouble for him, as the State now does. Even when he revolted, he merely exchanged one form of Church for another, the Roman Catholic for the Protestant; again, quite as the modern State-citizen exchanges one mode of the State for another. It does not appear to have occurred to the Church-citizen of that day, any more than it occurs to the State-citizen of the present, to ask what sort of institution it was that claimed his allegiance."


            Ayn Rand    FOR THE NEW INTELLECTUAL    1961

"ATTILA and the WITCH DOCTOR, kings and mystics, force and faith. Both are united against the mind and rise to power whenever men abandon reason. These two remain the same in all ages. ATTILA rules by brute force as sole sanction of power, the only answer to any problem--with looting the aim. The WITCH DOCTOR escapes into visions of some mystic realm and obtains obedience by pre-empting the field of morality with the guilt of sin. The Witch Doctor gives Attila a code of moral values--"the divine right of kings"--to sanction his actions and disarm his victims. Both are to be blindly followed and not doubted in their jealous, precarious alliance against the producers."


            Encyclopedia Britannica    CHURCH AND STATE    15th Edition  1970

"The areas in which church and state powers claim loyalty  tend to overlap."


Governments cause human misery: war, prisons, broken families, and economic chaos and poverty. Citizens are divided into alienated classes by political manipulation. Then Churches rush in to sell a divine, authoritarian brand of relief--a celestial swindle.

Organized religion is the oldest, largest and most powerful political special interest group. It has an extensive church school network to indoctrinate the young. It receives subsidies through tax-free services (police and fire protection, streets, etc). Then in return, Churches subdue the masses--especially the poor--with the contrived guilt of Original Sin and the promise of an exclusive afterlife; this makes people easier to exploit and control. This whole mutually supportive vulture operation is masked with crumbs of charity and benevolence.


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