DIVERSIFIED UNITY  a freedom strategy

Some get so involved in elections, it's easy to forget the international freedom movement is much larger than American Politics.  Perspective is needed,  and an answer to a popular question:  what is the best way to achieve freedom?

Our strength is the Unified Diversity of the consistent Libertarian Principle: 
        non-aggression,  no initiation of force or coercion.  Here are several possible paths-options-strategies.

1. Elections

Politics is a good communication vehicle and arena. Many people are in the habit of voting and it's a historical way of changing governments, although not the only method. It's effective for creating a discussion of practical applications of principles, and organizing large numbers of people to action. Even a moderate number of libertarian votes can influence existing officials to use some freedom solutions. A libertarian governor or president could accomplish reforms with pardons and vetoes; a libertarian sheriff or judge would be interesting. Referendums and initiatives can be useful, and doorways to coalitions. The Libertarian Party has been and is an effective introduction to individual liberty; a good halfway house for politically homeless, disillusioned, disoriented Demopublicans; a deprogramming process, a decompression chamber.

Some problems with elections are: 1) half the people don't vote and are a large part of a protest constituency, and many who do vote are on government payrolls and handouts; 2) the Republicrats change the rules to their advantage; 3) it's embarrassing for libertarians to be involved in this political carnival, this dancing with dinosaurs; 4) citizens are rightfully suspicious of people who seek power to reduce power; 5) it's inconsistent that a transformation to individual responsibility would mostly come about through central organization.


This solution removes the sanction, support and validation by the victims; it denies the consent of the governed. Not voting is a major liberating step for separating the individual from government lists and control. Although strategies 1 and 2 may appear to be opposed, they will compliment each other: either can encourage and lead to a major reorganization. If you do vote, it's not necessary to vote for every position; vote selectively, not just for the lesser of two evils.


When juries know they can judge the law as well as the facts, we will restore natural liberty and justice. Judges resist this because it would reduce their power. Although jurors must have courage to over-rule a judge's instructions/suggestions, it is being done: it only takes ONE juror's vote to not convict. Grand juries have even more independent power and can turn the tables on arrogant judicial bureaucrats.


Victories are rare--governments have the home court advantage. Inviting prosecution is risky: hard on marriages, finances and other relationships. It's unlikely we'll trip up the Supreme Court on a major issue that would significantly reduce governments; usually they just avoid or subvert anything with that potential. But some of the tax protest arguments and ballot access suits that have been upheld do have that capability,  so there's hope.


If we just ignore the bureaucrazies and do things ourselves,  it will help governments dry up and blow away.
I like the way Bob Lefevre expressed this:  "Whenever you call upon government to do something for you,
it's like food and drink for the bureaucracy.  Without that nourishment it would not grow."

The technologies of communication, energy, self defense/security, education and many other advances,
all have the potential to decentralize and undermine political power.  This is especially true in totalitarian countries. Seeking alternatives happens naturally when government "services" break down.   Barter and the unreported, unlicensed,  worldwide,  informal,  underground,  alternative  (black market)  economy
undermine political control...  and taxes.

6. FINANCIAL FREEDOM:   tax strike/protest/rebellion/boycott

The American people can abolish the income tax anytime they're willing to accept the Risks, Rewards, Rights and Responsibilities of personal liberty and financial freedom.  Employers can also subtly cooperate,
to the best of their ability. This wouldn't overthrow the government,  but it could help cut and prune it down to size. Beware of politicians who shuffle the deck chairs on the sinking ship of state with different tax burdens--
a political shell game.  Our purpose is a major reduction at all levels.
        We will probably be forced to this solution as working within the system fails.

Is there a precedent for people refusing to pay oppressive taxes to a central power?  Yes, it's called AMERICA!!

7. DEMORALIZE THE OPPOSITION,  and accentuate the positive

The opposition isn't the British this time,  but our own friends and neighbors.
It's not enough to want freedom;  those in coercive power and privilege must become productive citizens.
The demoralization/think-positive game  is a good area for personal creativity.


Town, county, state, nation, ocean island,  floating cities in international waters,  space stations,  or
elsewhere in the multiverse.   Pick a spot and advance freedom.


As Ghandi, Martin Luther King and others have shown, peaceful strategies are more powerful than
government coercion.  Our goal is non-aggression,  and a message is in the means.
Historically,  violence is difficult to stop or direct,  and then becomes an excuse for more authoritarian actions.
Or as Maslow put it,  "When your only tool is a hammer,  everything starts to look like a nail."

It's important to have alternatives to violence, especially for disenfranchised minorities--outlets such as communication.


Word of mouth, truth force, awareness, consciousness or call it what you like,
this is the underlying foundation that supports, nurtures and is ultimately responsible for
the success or failure of other strategies.  It can be practiced on a large or small scale, alone or in groups.
One good educational outreach is coalitions with other sympathetic organizations.
Although you will not agree on all issues,  coalitions strengthen your voice,  impact and contacts.

That's ten strategies to expand liberty;  we can create more.
What are the best,  most effective ways to achieve freedom?   What are the ultimate solutions?
The ones that interest YOU the most--
        that make the best use of your energies and talents,  innovations and  inspirations.

That is our strength:   diversified unity.

The ultimate solution is a combination of all,  in mutual support.
Just because some choose to focus their efforts in areas other than political activities  or organized groups,
doesn't make them outcasts.   Do the bullfrog and canary argue about how to make music?

Our power is in the harmony and symphony of liberty.
Let the politicians and bureaucrats waste energy on internal squabbles and personality conflicts.
        They're very good at it;  they've been doing it for thousands of years.
Our unique strength is in the energy of diverse,  creative innovation--
based on the consistent,  worldwide,  unifying principle of non-aggression.

        Un amigo de libertad,  es un amigo de mi

                Any friend of freedom,  is a friend of mine

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