FOREIGN RELATIONS,   WAR   and   peace

War is the ego trip of politicians.
        War will be abolished when nationalistic governments are abolished.

The U.S. has supported rightist military tyrants to combat leftist socialist expansion. That's fighting the fire of tyranny with fire, and getting burned. Is this the image American citizens want? Many foreign PEOPLE and SOCIETIES hate us for what our GOVERNMENT is doing; the results are understandably disappointing and counterproductive.

It's time to re-evaluate our premises. If our own government is attacking and enslaving us at home, should we think it's giving a benevolent image abroad? People in other countries resent the U.S. Government meddling in their lives. If our domestic media and other information sources have difficulty sifting through the smoke and mirrors of political deception, imagine what it's like in far away places where freedom, truth and justice are even more elusive.

Why do we even have military forces all over the world acting as trip wires? They reduce our security and invite terrorism-- blowback. Why are we taxing our industries and workers to pay for the defense of foreign countries, then having their products clobber us in the world and domestic marketplace? THAT'S DUMB! Our War Department must be drastically reduced and restricted for the defense of the U.S. only.

The world doesn't want forced American influence and corporate neocolonialism. Buying friends for governments doesn't work any better than individuals trying to purchase friendship. The tyrannies and Death Merchants of the world are using U.S. political power and arsenals to enslave people, as we have done at home.

We should be cooling the fires of tyranny with the cool waters of freedom. Instead of exporting guns, bombs, bullshit and authoritarian concepts, we must project a workable example of individual liberty. The best defense against tyranny in any form--abroad and at home--is not a central authority that can be taken over by a conqueror, but armed citizens that live and breath freedom.

United Nations

Conflicts between governments are a smoke screen, a facade, a diversionary tactic.
The real war--throughout history, worldwide--is between governments and the individual.
In that aggression, the Russian, American and all other coercive power brokers are ALLIES--and
people, communities and societies also have common interests.

Then the allied power brokers form clubs. The United Nations is a club of oppressive governments, including the U.S. It's counterproductive for a society based on freedom to strengthen, support or sanctify such an organization.
The American people must withdraw from all power gangs.
Any bureaucracy will expand its power over a period of time and masks this by publicizing its Good Works.

There may still be some doubters regarding the dangers of the UN.  They are reminded that in the 1780's a similar discussion about the dangers of centralized authority went into forming the U.S. Constitution.
If we haven't been able to keep it under control,
        what makes us think we can do better with the UN or   any World Government?

Premeditated Murder

We are patriotically brainwashed by government schools to rally 'round the flag in times of crisis, and this authoritarian training then permeates the media and institutions. So naturally centralized power encourages--yes even provokes --scapegoats and outside threats to further the goal of domination over private interests, especially when political control is failing.

There is a basic, historical, predictable, premeditated connection. Politicians will create a crisis, requiring--they say--patriotism and nationalism, so they can avoid losing power. Paper currency inflation is used to finance war because the people won't and can't pay the taxes to do it. Big banks encourage this process because it gives them more business, profits and power,  both at home and abroad.

It's just common sense   if you stop to think about it.
Do the workers, farmers and managers of any country want to kill the laborers, growers and supervisors of America?? No! of course not. Just like us,  they want to be left alone by the organized criminals of government  so
they can live their lives in liberty, prosperity  and   peace.

                      "Thank you for your service"

Often heard/herd on talk radio,   and elsewhere:

    "Thank you for your service."

             I was in an army,  and see it differently.

       Tom Paine  1792
"What inducement has the farmer  while following his plow
to lay aside his peaceful pursuit  and
go to war with the farmer of another country?
    Or the manufacturer?
War is the gambling table of governments
    and citizens the dupes of the game."

          **JOIN THE ARMY**
                learn new skills
                visit exotic places
                absorb diverse cultures
                meet new people
                            and kill them

        Will Rogers  Bosnia  1925
"Our marines have landed to keep some people from shooting each other.
They are like a mess of stray terriers.
7000 miles is a long way to go to shoot somebody
          especially when you're not right sure whether you are shooting the right side or not.
It's their war,  and they have a right to fight it the way they see fit."

        Ernest Hemingway    1935   Premeditated Murder
"War is planned and waged by demagogues and dictators, who play on the patriotism of the people, to mislead them into a belief in the great fallacy of war, when all the vaunted reforms have failed to satisfy the people they misrule. War is now being prepared and brought closer each day with all the PREMEDITATION of a long-planned MURDER. The U.S. will probably be brought into it by a combination of propaganda, greed, and the desire to cure the impaired health of the state."

       Howard Kurtz  The Warmongers,  a non-fiction book  1979
" 'Gott mit uns'  (God is with us) was a WWI German slogan.
This is silly.  Everyone knows  He was on the other side. "

(Stein 4-22-82 cartoon; copr. NEA, reprint permission requested )

       Doug Casey   2009
" 'My country right or wrong!'  'Support our troops!'
Subjugated citizens shouldn't be automatically loyal to the nation state.
       Three kinds of armies:  slave, mercenary,  militia.
Militia is best because it defends where the people live.
Many ex-soldiers will go to work for government agencies,  especially the armed ones.
Loyalty is to each other,  government,  and a distant third:  citizens.
These soldiers are picking up bad habits,
       then coming home to government jobs,  where they have power over others."


                                     follow the money

       Gen/Pres  Ike    1961
"Beware the military-industrial complex"
             [ MAIME:  Military-Academic-Industrial-Media-Ecclesiastical  complex ]

       Marine General Smedly Butler   War Racket   1933-35
"War is conducted for the benefit of the very few,   at the expense of the masses.
I believe in the defense of borders and the Bill of Rights.
I wouldn't go to war again to defend some lousy bankers.
It may seem odd for a military man;  truth compels me.
My mental facilities remained in suspended animation
       while I obeyed the orders of higher ups.
I helped make Mexico safe for American oil.
I helped in the raping of several Central and South American Republics for the benefit of Wall Street.
I might have given Al Capone a few hints:  he operated in Chicago;
          I was on continents.

                                              TO HELL WITH WAR!!"

                     what if they gave a war,   and nobody came?

       Gandhi:   "An eye for an eye,   leaves the whole world blind."
       tao:  "War is evil.  Even in victory,  there is no beauty."


                                                                                                             copr.  Ron Cobb

          lennon   [ not Lenin ]

                               "give peace a chance"

                            A Cause of War    a peace solution

Most of us like to think of ourselves as "peace loving people": we wouldn't consider armed robbery as a solution to a financial shortfall, wouldn't initiate force against others, or condone or support that kind of activity. Yet that behavior has crept into society - in fact permeates it at every level, in every way, in the form of politics.

Perhaps Bill Simon summarized this best: "If you wouldn't confront your neighbor and demand money at the point of a gun to solve every problem that may appear in your life, you shouldn't allow the government to do it for you."

Or as Thomas Jefferson said, "It is strangely absurd to suppose that a million human beings collected together are not under the same moral laws that bind them separately."

Anytime, anywhere, anyone  advocates the initiation of force to "solve a problem",   they are a cause of war. Aggression or the threat of coercion (taxes and compulsory anything) are acts of war. And these little individual wars, centralized through governments,  are the cause, the foundation,  the support and sanction  of bigger wars.

                                                        Are you a cause of war?

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