Many individualists are disappointed with the progress of freedom; expectations were higher. We don't realize how big the job is. We have a good idea of the extent of federal authority, but the problem permeates our lives much more. We are in the process of discovering all the ramifications of state and local governments, and
the voluntary alternatives--especially education.

But the challenge is even bigger. What happens in Africa, China or the rest of the global village effects freedom in our neighborhood. And bigger yet: it's been going on world-wide, for thousands of years.
That's a very big, deep,  ingrained problem of authority.
        We won't solve it until we understand its size and strength.

Now that we have the challenge in mind, it's time to realize it's
        twice as big!

Ancient, world-wide religious authority is as powerful as governments, and the two compliment each other.
We're confronting Church AND State politics.

Review The Bible, Romans 13: 1-7

        "Obey state authorities. They are put there by God.
        Those who disobey government laws, disobey God.
        Government servants are God's servants, honor and respect them.
        Pay your taxes gladly. Taxes are used for God's work."

Also Matthew 22:21   "Render unto Caesar... etc."

We aren't just challenging powerful governments, but religious concepts too.


Japan fought World War II for its "divine" emperor.

The Germans said God was on their side too ("Gott mit uns").
        (We know of course He's ALWAYS on our side.)

Islamic countries call for Holy Wars:  Jihad.

India still has castes, and cows are sacred while millions starve.

Plato gave The Connection to western culture;
    Mexico and other Catholic countries are modern examples.

Utah has The Mormons.

Prostitution, gambling and other Blue Laws still exist; sex laws are muddled mush.
Cities are crowded weekdays,  recreation areas jammed on weekends.
You would be surprised where you find religious influence.

In England, the queen/king is also a church official,  and sometimes wears a robe.

American judicial robes are symbols of authority from  The Church of England.

An interesting picture is the US President being sworn in with one hand on a Bible,  by an old guy in a robe.
Another in a robe consecrates the whole ceremony,   beginning and end.


Beware of authorities wearing robes
        who want to control and manipulate our lives...  and minds!

Follow the money AND  follow the robes.


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