First there was something nebulous,  worthy to be the Mother of All Things.
I don't know it's name;  call it tao.
The origin and essence is a deep pool that never runs dry.
The creation is intangible,  measureless,  untouchable source.
I don't know more than this.


Hindu    RIG-VEDA

Who knows from where this great creation sprang?
The Most High Seer in highest heaven,  He knows.
Or maybe even He knows not.



Saying "I don't know" is wisdom.
When you don't know,  confirm that you don't know.



Whether the world is eternal or infinite,  whether there is life after death,
or what the soul is,  is not explained to me.


Seth   (an energy essence personality?)   Jane Roberts

It's conceivable that a Primary All That Is  has evolved in earth time so long ago that
it's forgotten it's origin.   There are answers I can't give.
They aren't known to our system.


The word "God" has been used as a substitute for  "I don't know".
Then all types of mon-made doctrines and hoaxes have been added.
As we learn more,  the God Concept shrinks;  Mystic Mystery is dying.


How can we have a workable philosophy  with important  "I don't knows"?
No problem,  philosophy and religion have always done that;
but only a few have acknowledged it.


If this generation solved all the puzzle,  what would the next do?
    Time is nature's way of keeping everything from happening at once.


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