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                                IMAGINE FREEDOM       1981


            If you want something

                first imagine it

                    then talk about it

                        then do it....

                      imagine freedom


You are invited to take a deep breath...  and let it out...
            and again...  and again...
We are members of a conspiracy.   The word  conspire  originally meant to  breath together;
            to act in harmony and unity  in producing or  contributing.
It's an ancient,  worldwide conspiracy of life,  shared by you and I.

I saw the news today:  domestic discontent,  crime,  economic uncertainty,
            foreign tyranny and terrorism.  It seems like we can do better than this.
It seems like the world was meant to work in harmony and unity,
                naturally and automatically.
                        You are invited to imagine that world ...   now.

Imagine the relaxation that can come from peace and tranquility--  a lack of fear.
The unity and harmony of a world community:  the oneness of breathing together.
A lack of war,  with greatly reduced crime,  violence and  tension.
        The preservation of private property productivity.

Imagine the exciting potentials of a free multiverse:
        the explosion of discoveries in the frontiers of space,  oceans and  the mind.
An extension of our life span and preservation of humon lives,
        dignity,  justice,  trust,  creativity,  spirit,  hope,   love

Imagine more economic choices and  productivity.
Without inefficient government overhead  we could easily have
        longer weekends,  vacations AND  our present standard of living,  or better.
It would leave more time for family,  leisure and aliveness--
        more True Wealth for everyone.

Imagine the expanded social choices of freedom.
We can move closer to our full humon potential:  male and female.
More comfortable humon relationships  and sexual choices.
We will advance in the arts,  culture,  creativity and  spirituality.
Think of the education,  communication and  information diversity.
We can have physical and  mental health.

                    We can relax.

 Imagine the alternative nightmare:
        nuclear or biological war,  economic chaos,  starvation,
        tyranny,  social chaos,  racism,  police state genocide.
If this nightmare happens,  how will you answer the question:

                    "Did I do enough to stop it?"

Imagine the miracle of the marketplace and  economic Humon Action.
Political democracy is:  if 51% want chocolate,  ALL get chocolate.
True democracy is:  if 51% want chocolate,  they get it,
        and the others can have vanilla, strawberry or a delicious variety.
Economic people power:  the consumers are all  Queens and Kings.
It's an invisible hand working automatically,  simply,  naturally;
        fairness and productivity are rewarded;
        the Golden Rule working socially  and economically.
A society where all can prosper according to their own wishes.
A rising tide lifts all the boats;  it would be difficult to fail--
        there would be so many opportunities to succeed!

Imagine how to get from here to there:
        communicate freedom both verbally and  with your life's actions;
Change thinking from  "what can government do about this problem?"
        to  "what can I,  my neighborhood,  a business or  association do?"
Freedom is like a smile:   it's an unlimited commodity.
The miracle and magic of  freedom is:
        the more you give,  the more you get.

                    Imagine a caterpillar  transformed into a butterfly...

		imagine freedom


I saw the news today,  and imagined a dream I'd like to share:
            imagine relaxation,  peace and  tranquility
            dream of economic choices and productivity
            imagine the expanded social and  spiritual choices
            imagine the miracle of the marketplace

                    and I imagined it can be done
                            this dream can come true

It depends on us:  if we don't do it,  who will?

NOW  is the time to restore the American dream,  the world dream of

            individual liberty,  spirituality,  responsibility,  prosperity and   peace...

        imagine all the people

        living life in peace

        you may say we're dreamers

        but we're not the only ones

                you are invited now to join us

                        the world can be as one

imagine freedom

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