You are invited to make three simple observations:

Look at a quarter. Notice the copper-colored ring around the edge. This is the most graphic example of currency devaluation;  copper is worth less than silver.
When ancient kings did this, they at least hid the debasement fraud.
The politicians think so little of our compulsory government education,  they haven't even bothered to hide the evidence!

Look at a paper dollar. It use to say, "Redeemable in Gold" (later silver). Now it says, "This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private." It's only backed by the integrity of the U.S. Government, which is to say: it's worthless. This is the old fairy tale of turning straw into gold, but instead our gold has been turned into worthless paper.

Open a dictionary to the word inflation: "an increase in the volume of money and credit RESULTING in increased prices." Put another way, it takes more straw or worthless paper to buy a car than if you use gold or silver. The less something is valued (horse manure or U.S. dollars for example) the more of those things are needed to trade for something of value. The politicians and some economists have been saying increased prices are a CAUSE OF INFLATION. That's like saying, "Wet streets cause rain." They are either confused, or not telling the truth.
Who do you trust: the government or your dictionary?


If Santa Claus printed twice the amount of paper money there is now and distributed it evenly throughout the country, would we all be twice as rich? 
No, of course not; we would need twice as many dollars to buy the same things.
If he distributed the new, extra money mostly to his favored friends, threw a few crumbs to the masses and let banks loan the rest at high, interest,
would we call that a benevolent gift?  No, of course not; we'd be mad as hell.

If we could find no other outlet for our anger,  we might rob from his rich friends or each other.
We might also resort to violence,  in natural rage and frustration.
If we can see through the Santa Claus inflation scam,  why do we let governments do it?


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