Let's make up a religion game;  any number can play.

There's an invisible Dragon in this room. See how the window was fogged this morning?
It was sacred Dragon breath and we are surely blessed.
Have you ever felt a chill in your body, and shook it off?   That was the Dragon within you.

In order to have a religion,  we must have some teachings to follow:  doctrines and dogmas to assure we're playing the game correctly.
Otherwise, what would the officials and authorities of the church have to do?
Here's a standardized set of codes, canons and laws, good for all cultures and languages.


ETHICS:  the Golden Rule seems to work well.

ANTHROPOMORPHIC: Give the Dragon humon qualities;  Gods are created in mon's image,
not the other way around.   This makes it more comfortable and easier to sell.

IMMORTALITY   (This is a big religious come-on gimmick, and can be embellished with creativity):
Yes,  there is a special life after death,  but ONLY for Dragon worshippers. (This exclusiveness is very important, and will help hold the faithful in times of doubt.) Also, financial donations to The Dragon's Church (10% suggested plus a gift from the estate of the deceased) will greatly assist in reserving a special place on the right hand of The Dragon in the life after--the more the better. (This reservation is like a bribe to a maitre d' or ticket scalper.)

ONE:  Worship only the Dragon,  all others are fakes.
This is very important because the decentralization of multiple Gods diffuses power.
One God, THE God concentrates authority; this was the strength of the Israelites in the ancient world and
has been adopted by all successful western religions.

ALL KNOWING:  The Dragon reads your mind,  so don't get caught with doubts.

THE PROPHET of the Dragon was a great, divine seer.

THE GOOD BOOK:  a custom-made scripture, direct from the Dragon, can be created to fill all the wishes and needs of the targeted group.
It can be made up of folk wisdom, drama, heaven and hell, etc.
Don't forget to mention financial giving several times.

EDUCATION/BRAINWASHING:  Spread the "Good News" through outreach missions, and
Sunday School,  especially for children.

SCAPEGOAT:  Just like governments,  it helps to have a bogeymon out there to increase fear;
Satan has worked well for Christians. Hinduism threatens the transmigration of souls into animals (eat too much=pig).

FORCE: If the new game is slow in catching on, coerce a few people to play, especially children, and
the future is assured.


See how easy it is. We can do one with a Dog, so other prophet motive, egotistical mystics can have their own flock of sheeple.
Or another with Dog spelled backwards: God.
(Trumpets, drums, organ music, hymns, chanting--serfs, vassals, ignorant masses bow and show respect.) Etc, etc, ad nauseam.

It was all just another power hustle--politics.  **Religion**:  a shameless sham.
The Church: a cynical, celestial swindle; monk's myths.
An exclusive hereafter:  a haughty,  heavenly hoax;  divine deception.


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