( history of a fraud )

Howard Hughes ( a very successful businessmon  and notorious ladies man ),
preferred Mormons as executives;  they had a good work ethic,  were honest and didn't come in hungover. 
This church is also a leader in genealogy and religious converts.

But there are problems with the origins of  "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints".  
Mormons have a very shaky theology history.

The fundamental problem:  the Book of Mormon is unreadable gibberish--
buffoon theology.  Have you ever tried to understand this crap, sober?
Reminds me of The Book of Revelations,  and most of The Koran.
This BM and other Church sacred documents have been edited thousands of times
since being given to us as  **The Most Perfect Book**

gimme a break.  Cosmic Inspiration did a hell of a lot better with Toms Jefferson and  Paine's
Declaration of Independence,  50 years earlier.   Specifically,  fundamental changes have been made
regarding polygamy, communism, racism, church leadership and many alterations to significant passages. 
The archeology is very suspect,  similar to no sign of Santa Claus at the North Pole. 
LDS is so sensitive about these issues  it refuses to open it's history vaults to serious scholarship and discovery.

Founder Joe Smith,  another serial skirt chaser,  used polygamy as a cover story, 
        screwing dozens with God-given,  bogus pick-up lines.
Then he lied about it,  to protect his family  and leadership.
Church elders were silenced,  'cause they'd been a doin'  the same dang thing.  Damnation.
Joe was also caught in faulty translation scams.

Comes now many Christian Critics,  proselytizing that Mormons aren't  *Real Christians*.
These naysayers cite history, science, gossip, chapter and verse to prove  The Way is by The Bible only.
Unfortunately they fail to see-- or don't want to see-- a greater value in The Mormon Story.
It is recent enough and documented well enough that we can also perceive:
    this is approximately how all  "Divine Scriptures" were written,  including  The Koran and Bible.

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