oat dog         east meets west


The Declaration of Independence says, "We hold these truths to be Self-evident".What did they mean? Self-evident to who and based on what? We know it isn't religious dogmas and creeds. Nowhere in the Declaration spirit or letter is there a reference to a Christian God or The Bible, or any other myth-hoax-dogma. The founders of our society were fed up with religious excesses; they wanted freedom FROM authoritarian doctrines of both king and church.

The Declaration says, "Creator, the laws of nature and of nature's God, divine providence, sacred honor and the supreme judge of the world."   It wisely leaves open to question the exact nature of this nebulous thing.

We know it isn't based on the laws of England which are based on Roman and Greek law. The Declaration and Tom Paine's "Common Sense" are repudiations of the king and English government/church heritage.  
    So what are these unnamed, self-evident truths--laws of nature?

            "I do not know its name; a name for it is tao."

Tao is an ancient Chinese principle based on the intuition of humon nature and experience, on mother nature and the truth and reality of the multiverse.   They are treated as one,  in harmonious unity.
It doesn't have anything to do with dogmas, creeds,  theology, laws, alienation,  statutes, statues, rituals and
symbols of government and religious political hustlers.

This nebulous truth, un-named, natural, immense, power-energy-soul-spirit thing western heritage calls God,
some eastern philosophers call tao--  god-tao: east meets west.

But the name is meaningless;  it could have been oat-dog


            D.T. Suzuki    1954

"The world is becoming one, as it should;   the East/West distinction is disappearing slowly.
    Prejudices of all sorts will give way to an age of illumination."


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