The Torah,  Bible,  Koran and  all "divine scriptures" are a mixture of historical fact, fiction and  fairy tales liberally laced with folk wisdom,  common sense and the benefit of creative editing.
It helps to understand  The Bible if instead of "In the beginning God..."  just think:  "Once upon a time God..."

Any children's fairy tale--such as  "The Three Little Pigs"-- could be shown to be divinely revealed and inspired.
Also, the process could be reversed and a revered Bible incident-- the Christmas Story for example-- could be rewritten as more realistic and believable.

                A TRILOGY OF SMALL SWINE (A lost story from The Bible)

  And verily it came to pass three pigs were building houses in   
  Judea,  the land of their forefathers.

 The first was of the spirit world, and built his house of the
straws that blow in the wind. When the devil came, his physical  protection was weak, but God's protection was strong, and he  dwelt in the house of the Lord, forever.

 The second built his house from the lilies of the field, and the  Cedars of Lebanon. When the devil came,  his fiery scepter made the house look like a burning bush.  But the spirit of the loving God saved the swine's ass, and other worldly belongings,                                                                                         and he dwelt in the house of the Lord, forever.

The third little pig was the wisest and most perfect of all.  Many called him Father of the world, and they were truly blessed with his countenance. He built his house of the most solid, eternal materials:  bricks of marble and gold.
When the devil came, this swine,  the most highest of leaders, could not be budged,  and easily resisted all the temptations and tricks of the devil. The angels of the heavenly host warned him of dangers, and guided him with their celestial light.  This is surely the house of the lord most high,  where all can dwell in safety and peace,  forever.

This story is of course widely recognized as the inspiration for  "The Three Little Pigs" fairy tale and George Orwell's ANIMAL FARM.  These are just more examples of the influence and power of The Holy Triumvirate:  Big Daddy, J.C. and The Spook.

The lost Muslim version begins, "In the name of Allah the Compassionate,  the Merciful".  At the end of this story that has been omitted from the sacred Koran by an anti-pig lobby,  there is a message for those who doubt it's divinity:
"Let them rot in an unclean pig pen,  be infested with nagging maggots,  and eaten by hungry wolves."

                A CHRISTMAS STORY

Once upon a time, a group of merchants, bankers, generals, intellectuals, loafers and mystics in the eastern Mediterranean region, were sitting around a tavern drunk on their ass and high on hashish.
They were wondering how they could increase business and POWER over their fellow citizens.

They had a customized religion that was sluggish in its conversion rate.  It was based on Jesus, a popular itinerant preacher who had been martyred on a cross, after running some pigs off a cliff by mistake,  and
creating a disturbance among the money lenders at a temple. 
It was rumored these mistakes took place after wine drinking orgies, cleverly disguised as religious rituals.
One of the favorite tricks was getting the followers and groupies started on wine,  then watering it to save on costs. This was later embellished as a miracle of making water into wine.

Paul, a clever spin doctor  press agent,  had turned this whole sorry gang of wanderers, beggars and con men into a revered story.  Now it was just a matter of marketing the hoax correctly. Big bucks could be made, and
there's nothing better --short of patriotism-- for controlling the masses  than a good dose of religious FEAR.

This high,  drunken group noticed that a favorite holiday was the Winter Solstice,  the day the sun's orbit starts making the days longer again:  about December 21.  So The Group got it together to throw a huge holiday party,  with lots of (watered) wine and feasts for the Christians.  There's nothing like a big bash with free wine and beer to draw a crowd. Projections were a bit off,  organization was slow,  and they lined up the divine gathering for the 25th;
but who's to quibble over a few days when the event of the year is at hand?

During the party the glorious announcement was made:  it was a birthday party for Jesus.  Ever since then,
sages tell the story about the young woman who got  "in a family way"  before her marriage,  then tried to pass the whole thing off with a story about an angel and virgin birth. 
To get retail sales going,  the old holiday custom of giving presents was expanded.
For emotional effects,  they worked in the wise men, shepherds, stars and manger; and
        the Power Elite lived happily ever after.

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