A  POLITICAL  PICTURE    (Nolan/Quiz Chart)       Compare to  A Freedom Picture 

Liberty is an unbreakable combination of personal, (civil) liberty and financial freedom.
Losing either is the same as losing both.

The current U.S. and world political scene is confused mush. The graph below may help clarify
the positions of various group and individual political chameleons who have the habitual ability of
changing the color of their political skins. They maneuver around within this picture,
sometimes with the skill of a well executed ballet pirouette or occasionally the clumsiness of a hippopotamus in heat.

This long running dinosaur dance with plenty of costume changes and special effects is performed
for the twin incentives of money and power. You will notice that due to the principled stand of libertarians,
they have little room or need to maneuver.   This makes them predictable, reliable... and calm.

Advocates for Self-Government


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