john lennon   1971

"We're just as responsible as the man who pushes the button.
The idea that somebody either is going to give us POWER  or has taken our POWER,
that somebody has made us go to war or not made us go to war;
that God in the sky is a separate thing, that we're separate nations, Religions, whatever.
    It's all the same garbage.
As long as people IMAGINE that someone is doing something to them and they have no control,
then they have no control."


            If you aren't good, Santa won't bring you presents.
            If you aren't good, government will punish you.
            If you aren't good, you won't go to heaven.

Obedience to a "God" or authority needs interpretation,
which really means submission to the POWER of interpreters:
their ideas, prejudices and friends.


            George Orwell 1949:  "The object of POWER is POWER"
            Hunter Thompson 1972:  "The currency of politics is POWER"
            David Halberstam 1978:  "Politics is the distillation of POWER".

        Tolstoy    WAR and PEACE    1868

"POWER is the collective will of the people transferred to their ruler.
 POWER over others in its real meaning, is only the greatest dependence on them."

          [There is apparently no credible evidence that Hitler ever killed anyone... personally.]


        Vine Deloria       Custer Died For Your Sins      1969

            "America has always been a militantly imperialistic world power eagerly grasping for economic control over weaker nations. The Indian wars of the past should rightly be regarded as the first foreign wars of American history.
As the U.S. marched across the continent, it was creating an empire by wars of foreign conquest just as England and France were doing in India and Africa. Certainly the war with Mexico was imperialistic,  no more or less than the wars against the Sioux, Apache, Utes and Yakimas.  In every case the goal was identical:  land.

            When the frontier was declared officially closed in 1890,  it was only a short time before
American imperialistic impulses drove this country into the Spanish-American War and the acquisition of
America's Pacific Empire began.  Also in Central and South America.  There has not been a time
since the founding of the republic when the motives of this country were innocent.
Is it any wonder that other nations are extremely skeptical about its real motives in the world today?

No society which has real and lasting values need rely on force for their propagation.
        The wheel of Karma grinds slowly but it does grind finely... 
                and it makes a complete circle."

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