Feeling concern about the deteriorating drift of the daily news,  I asked a U.S. Senator, Governor and
U.S. Supreme Court Justice if our political system had a fatal flaw,  was destructive and out of control. 
Their responses led me to conclude that government  "leaders"  are
as lightweight,  confused,  lost and scared as the news would lead us to believe.

So I went looking for answers. The search has included four election campaigns,
a state civil court case with seven weeks in jail for contempt, a U.S. Supreme Court tax protest case including
nine months in federal prison,  libertarian conventions,  nuclear protest,  shunning a good (bureaucrat) friend
and research with special emphasis on broadcasts,  periodicals,  pamphlets,  cartoons and graffiti.

But when I tried to communicate my concerns,  there was very strong resistance to the concept of individual freedom. Some loose,  wool threads had appeared,  which grew into a net  strong enough to constrict us.
Religion isn't a benevolent spectator of this assault on independence,  self-esteem and  individualism.
The doctrine of Original Sin,  of humons as inherently evil,  has too many people believing in a need for
        a Big Brother...  and Father.

This Connection sinergy,  this authoritarian conspiracy among religion and government/state
political power brokers,  this woven,  fabricated guilt doctrine was and is spread deliberately
for the purpose of POWER and CONTROL.  ( see  "The  Connection" )

Religious dogmas and laws are a fundamental part of the root-foundation-cause of people welcoming
an outside responsibility into their lives,  and liking the resulting slavery.
The sheeple slaves prefer --yes even vote for, defend and export-- their flock fleecing as being essential to the preservation of freedom;  
they have bought the concept  freedom is slavery..

These dogmatic causes of the fiction of centralized authority must be confronted and exposed.
Progress toward freedom in the political arena will continue to be slow and frustrating until
we come to grips with the size of the challenge.    ( see  "How Big Is the Challenge?" )  
We won't solve the problem of humon enslavement until we neutralize and then abolish the foundation,  the roots.

The search for effective ideas,  arguments and strategies is a diversified,  world-wide,  multiverse effort.
        IMAGINE FREEDOM  is a small part  of that continuing journey...


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  edited: 3-2-17