PUBLIC SERVICES:   practical examples

You are invited to make a simple,  common sense observation. Do city planners ever worry if there will be enough newspapers and churches?  No. Why?  Because under the First Amendment,  governments are hardly involved with those two activities. Are there enough newspapers and churches? Yes, because the libertarian free enterprise system works. They start up in homes, basements, tents, trailers, old buildings, etc. Some die out and the loss is minimized. Others prosper and move into more permanent quarters.

Competition provides the contrasts socialism lacks. How do we know we have the BEST POSSIBLE education, money, road, postal and city bus systems unless there is a varied market for comparisons?

Government planning doesn't work any better in English than in Russian or Chinese. THE LIBERTARIAN SOLUTION for public services is to allow the private, voluntary, unregulated, unprivileged, unsubsidized system to work in more areas.

The following practical solutions suggested are possibilities:

Arbitration is more efficient than lawyers' bs. Fast, private, specialized, cost-effective, simple, and informal (no fuckin robes). This civil, common-sense approach must be expanded to criminal restitution. And why should jurors be slaves?

Banks, currency and credit: Politicians can't be trusted with our money and wealth. Bank safety should be protected through private insurance, stockholders and associations.

Building inspection: How would safe buildings be built without government? Most buildings are bank financed; banks require insurance. Insurance companies are very interested in fire, structure and personal liability, and will encourage safety through financial incentives. Owners and users share this same interest. So there would be ABC and XYZ inspection companies. Real estate agents would want to handle approved properties, just like UL on appliances. Most current inspectors wouldn't be unemployed. They'd get jobs with private companies and expanded opportunities, just like firemon, judges, teachers and postal workers. If you don't think private building inspectors are practical, ask the French;  they've been doing it a long time.

Copyrights and patents: In the music industry, ASCAP and BMI are private businesses that protect and pay writers and entertainers, operating as royalties collection agencies. Anyone who tries to cheat the system quickly gets a bad reputation and is ostracized. Very few want to jeopardize their careers with that stigma. Patents and copyrights can be handled the same way; there's no need for governments. Disputes can be handled by private arbitration services specializing in this function. Some, like Tom Paine, Ben Franklin and me, may choose not to copyright.

Crime and jails/prisons: Prohibition (alcohol/drugs, gambling, prostitution) has been tried for over 4000 years in China, constantly in the U.S., and uncounted times worldwide. It has always failed, for the same reasons and with the same results.        For a solution, start there.

Education: Customers should be able to arrange for their own schooling: in the home, small groups, new technology and/or private businesses and organizations specializing in innovative choices--example: older students teaching younger; they both learn. Families seeking alternatives shouldn't be forced to pay for socialist government schools.

Existing government facilities could be sold or condomiumized. A teacher or group could be responsible for their own space (similar to many beauty shops now), yet also have the existing advantages of a large facility. This is one of the ways universities were originally organized. We would be surprised how creative and productive our present schools can be, operated as businesses. Auditorium, library and recreation facility scheduling involving the whole community is just one example. A curriculum balance between trade schools and academics will continually adjust automatically.

Farms: American agriculture has a proud history of individualism. Abolish all embargoes, inheritance taxes, subsidies, quotas and regulations.

Foreign embassies: International travel and business problems can be taken care of by businesses and associations specializing in this activity: American Express has an honorable history of this service. Areas of the world that are unstable or treat guests and commerce unjustly, will benefit little from either until they get their act together.

Government departments: Greatly reduced Defense, Justice, State and Treasury are the only ones currently needed under our mini-archy, LIMITED Constitution, just like we started with. Then we can explore further reductions.

Health care should function in a competitive free market with no government interference or participation. Unrestricted, unregulated medical technology, methods and drugs will be innovative, efficient and productive. Reputations for safety will be carefully guarded by insurers, investors, media, arbitration courts and voluntary associations. Hospitals, drugs and doctors can be consumer approved the way AAA and Mobil rate motels, and Consumer Reports and the Better Business Bureau have operated for years. If you trust the rating group, you can trust the product or service; that can't always be said for government regulators now. Also, reduced taxes and political harassment of citizens would improve mental and physical health.

A creative, competitive, cost-effective Health Care system
    has existed in our society,  for hundeds of years.
Are you satisfied with the attention your pets and livestock are receiving,
    including free clinics,  internet, and skilled local caregivers?

Health inspection: Privately franchised health inspection companies can be locally owned yet carry a larger reputation and expertise. This is the way Century 21 Real Estate and Best Western Motels operate now. Job safety is the interest and responsibility of insurance, employers and worker associations.

Inner cities can be rejuvenated by establishing Free Trade Zones that reduce and eliminate taxes and regulations; then expand on all these private enterprise concepts.
Hawaii and Puerto Rico, like Hong Kong, have good international locations to use this concept to good advantage. Many Native American Indian Nations have discovered they already have some of this freedom flexibility.

Libraries: There are two kinds in your community:  socialist and libertarian. The s library has limited hours (closed weekends & nights), the free market l serves you. The s library has bureaucrats who spend time bullshitting and whining for bond issues to build palaces to obsolescence; the libertarian libraries are productive. Video stores (now Netflix+)  and cyber cafes are how Free Market libraries would operate.

Nuclear Weapons and other mass destructions are the most important issue. If we don't get them under control and then abolished, we can kiss all other issues good-bye, especially the environment.

Parks and Recreation, including camping, fishing, and hunting, can be on private lands, without petty bureaucratic hassles and regulations.

Post Office:  Sell it to the highest bidder(s).

Private highways: Government has monopolized roads for so long we have a hard time imagining it being any different. We know private enterprise is more efficient than politics: any time we see four people working on a government road maintenance crew, we can be pretty sure the job can be done by three... or two. This isn't so much against the people involved, it's the system that allows it. Private enterprise generally saves at least 25% or more over monopoly government services.

We should imagine streets and roads as transportation corridors that can be used creatively (businesses, road associations, advertising, agriculture, etc). In addition to the current variety of vehicles, we can add pipelines, railroads, monorails and paths. Currently, wire transmission utilities often pay no fee; that should change. Once the magic of private enterprise is unleashed there will be even more multiple uses.

             PRACTICAL?? It all seems a little far-fetched, and who wants to stop at toll booths? Yet a system of private roads has been operating everyday for over 150 years in America. Look at a train: the cars are a mix of owners billed automatically for use of a privately owned road, just like phone bills are computer tabulated now.  Yes, the system is practical!

Private driver's licenses aren't practical? Race tracks have them. Competition, including involvement by insurance companies, would improve safety and service.

Property protection can be better handled by private companies and neighborhood watches, as many communities are learning.

Social Security: This pyramid scam is ripping off the young, and retirees are rightfully concerned.  These huge obligations should be privatized in a businesslike manner:  sell assets,  then get irresponsible government out of the pension business.

Streets/roads, trash, animal control, etc should be private. This would replace paying taxes, then begging a far away bureaucracy to provide services; political manipulation has anesthetized our sense of community.

Transportation: Vans, buses and taxis can creatively innovate various combinations (urban, suburban, rural) passengers, school children, and deliveries (mail, messages, packages, pizza, etc). Those passengers with more time than money can get reduced fares on standby and off-peak hours. The potential, flexible combinations without needless bureaucratic meddling are more efficient, productive and fun.

Censorship: One alternative to restrictions to "protect children"  is a channel lockout, similar to a locked liquor or gun cabinet. It's not necessary to treat the whole country like children.

Utilities The previously perceived "natural monopolies" are crumbling due to improved technologies and private competition in services like communications, water, sewer, energy, electricity, roads, etc. Physical public utility investments are crumbling faster than the rate of replacement, showing typical political short-sightedness and the inefficiency of socialism.

Welfare: The system is out of control; privatize it, giving local, personal, lasting solutions. No subsidies for corporations and farms, no foreign aid.

Women, Minorities, Native Americans, Gays, Handicapped, Left-handers, Red Heads, Extra Terrestrials, etc? Live and let live, as long as we don't interfere with the rights of others.

Z to A   Alphabet Soup: It's exciting to see that we really can abolish the BATF, BIA, BLM, CIA, DEA, DOC, DOE, DOL, DOT, EPA, FAA, FBI, FCC, FDA, FEC, FEMA, FTC, HHS, HUD, ICC, NASA, OSHA, SBA, SEC, TVA, USDA, USPS, VA, ad nauseam and not have our society in chaos. There is growing suspicion that the chaos we have now is mostly caused by these agencies.

One of the advantages of natural associations is they ignore and cut across political boundaries-- local, state and national.   
Socialist bureaucrazy hinders this simple process.

Humonity will harmonize in direct relationship to the progress we make
        abolishing artificial political alienation and improving  voluntary Diversified Unity.

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