RANDOM THOUGHTS -- government

and people who are popular or successful are embraced by politicians, especially the president. This is not so much an honor as it's another attempt by the politicians to bask in the glow of publicity. For the famous, it's no great accomplishment to be given an award or recognition by organized crime.

Country-society-government: Politicians and other authoritarians are fond of referring to "The Country" as if the people and society are one and the same as government, and the rulers who enslave. This perception--to confuse governments with the societies they govern--plays right into the hands of the Power Elite; it strengthens nationalism, which is a cause of war. Once the power/war mongers have created the myth of borders, patriotism and nationalism, then they can manipulate public opinion to THEIR advantage.

Editorial Hypocrisy: Under the First Amendment (theoretically), governments can't interfere with the press: no licenses, regulations, taxes or other political nuisances. Newspapers jealously guard this freedom while editorially advocating taxes, controls and nauseous government on the rest of us--what hypocrisy!

Flags: If you're talking about the flag that was carried at the Wounded Knee,  My Lai and Waco massacres, flies at IRS offices and other government buildings housing democratic tyranny---that flag doesn't deserve support. Flags, anthems and patriotism can be harmful brainwashing tools. The stars and stripes represent states with political boundaries and bullshit. But if you're talking about an American society and ideal founded for individual liberty, yes that deserves support. A good symbol is the Statue of Liberty.

Is Liberty Practical? Has there ever been a totally libertarian society or country? How do we know it will work? Look at the founding date on the masthead of your major newspaper; it's probably one of the oldest businesses in your area. This is because the press is allowed to operate almost free under the First Amendment. Like some collaborating evidence? Look how long some of the churches have been organized in your community--same reason.

Leadership isn't reading popular opinion polls to see which way the parade is going, then rushing to get in front. Leadership isn't the delicate, maddening, destructive, inefficient art of gently extracting cash, power and borrowing from the people to buy enough special interest votes to get re-elected. That's politics, and it's been soundly discredited. We hear we have a lack of leadership--a vacuum. We've had leaders. We've been lead into and out of depressions, wars, wage/price controls, and down the road to democratic serfdom, socialism and fascism. It's not that we haven't had leadership, it's where we've been lead! Leadership is "to guide toward a known goal or result". In order to do that, one must HAVE a goal, and a consistent, fair principle to base it on.

Mental Health: The world would have better mental health (including less drugs, drinking, accidents, child abuse, violence and suicide) without the insanity, harassment and coercion (especially wars) of governments. How can a neurotic government founded in freedom and liberty that has ended up enslaving its citizens even have a valid, believable position on mental health?

Monarchy: Any society is welcome to have a king or queen; just don't force people to support them with taxes. Those people who are nostalgic about the institution are welcome to contribute to it, just like The Church. And of course a monarch and family should have no more privileges or power over people than any other entertainers.

Santa Claus; If he did exist, the rogue would be jailed in "the land of the free". He's an illegal alien known to use aliases such as "St. Nick", breaks FAA, vehicle and city animal regulations--and protectionist laws against dumping cheaply made foreign goods on domestic markets. Who's financing this? The man wears a funny red costume (a communist front organization?), has long hair and a beard, encourages young children of both sexes to sit on his lap, and is high at least once a year. The Operation is also suspected of exploiting minority labor. The whole Santa concept is an obvious affront to many things paternalistic governments try to outlaw.

Tax Freedom/Slavery Day: There is a rumor that national, state and local taxes are all paid by early May. This is false. There are hidden taxes including the counterfeiting of the Federal Reserve System, "off budget items", future pensions, bonds, regulations, takings, forfeitures, and all the other scams politicians play. These put Freedom Day closer to July 1, so it becomes Tax Slavery Day. Or as Ayn Rand summarized, "The person who produces while others dispose of the product, is a slave."

Terrorism: We must stop trying to solve problems at gunpoint. Education is paid for by taxes backed by guns, and attendance is compulsory. Courts backed by guns try to settle disputes. Licensing and consumer protection are enforced by bureaucratic, political government guns. Then we piously tell the world we want to export freedom--with guns. No wonder some retaliate with terrorism--with guns. What goes around comes around.... karma.

WE: It's not we the bureaucrats, or we the politicians, or we the IRS, or we the states, or we the judges--
                it says WE THE PEOPLE.


                                RANDOM THOUGHTS -- religion

"Amazing grace
, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me." This popular hymn is an insult: I'm not a wretch and neither are you. Politicians create wretches, so priests can "save" them.

Atheists ignore the possibility of other realities and life after death, and although critical of church authoritarianism, have rarely seen The Connection with government coercion.

Charity: Yes, churches and their affiliates have provided needed food, shelter, health care and other good works for communities and the needy in emergencies... and war. But this necessary help can be done by other caring groups without the Celestial Swindle. When churches support and sanction politicians and their divisive, alienating wars, they assure there will always be a needy flock.

Did you hear the latest on god?   She's black...
        and brown, yellow, red, gray, white and all the colors of the rainbow.
She and he and it are heterosexual, gay, bi-sexual, asexual and other possibilities we haven't discovered... yet.

Spirit is objective, subjective, conscious, unconscious, subconscious, rational, intuitive, romantic, intellectual, transcendent, mysterious, agnostic and   other possibilities we haven't discovered... yet.

            The Way is unity, harmony, diversity, oneness...

Hash and Booze are examples of how confused we are: in Muslim societies, hash and grass are okay but booze is not; in Christian countries it's just the opposite.

Jews: Any group that writes a book saying they are "chosen" and special,  is going to have a problem.

The Pope: At the Vatican, a Cardinal said to the Pope,  "I have some good news and bad news."
"What's the good news?"  "God's on the phone," the Cardinal said.
"Wonderful... it's a miracle! I knew He'd call here first.  What's the bad news?"
"She's... she's calling collect...  from Salt Lake City."

Resurrection: Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, James Bradey (President Reagan's Press Secretary) and others have been reported dead though still alive. If there can be confusion with modern communications, imagine the problem of getting the story straight 2000 years ago.

Revelation is similar to government secret information: it places a special halo on the knower. It's the old game of: "If you only knew what I know." Revelations have validity mostly for the one person who has received, perceived or fantasized them.

She wins? According to church doctrine, when we screw up it's our fault; when things go good, it's God's doing. Heads she wins, tails we lose: no wonder she seems perfect. If The Church is meant to save the world, then it has a major, glaring failure: it's not working. Yet we've been buying the Church Swindle and letting the pastors, priests and robe wearers convince us it's something wrong with the people, rather than the product and service. If a religion's teachings are true, and if truth is a goal for humans, then why was and is it necessary to threaten hell, fire and eternal damnation to non-believers?


                                Love and Beauty

No one can tell you what beauty is;
    that only comes from your personal feelings and experience.
    But we do know what art is not.

Great art has nothing to do with the cost of the materials;
    just because it’s gold doesn’t make it art.
A name doesn’t guarantee beauty.
    Da Vinci produced some disappointments as well as the Mona Lisa.
Size isn’t important.
    The Sphinx and  Faberge’s jewelry can be art.
It’s not the time involved.  Cathedrals and pyramids took centuries to construct
    but that doesn’t make them art.    Picasso created art in seconds.
Nor age;  if it’s old,  it isn’t necessarily enduring.
Or location: Beauty can be found in bathrooms and caves,
    as well as famous collections.
Art is not what others say it is.
    Just because someone who’s opinion you respect says
    “This is great art”, and is willing to pay a high price, doesn’t make it so.

        And so it is with love.

Love is not money.
    Do expensive gifts signify a truer love than those of lessor means?
    Of course not,  wealth can distract love.
Love is not the stature of the people involved.
    Did the king giving up his throne for the women he loved
            make theirs a greater love than the sacrifices others have made?
Love is not necessarily time together.
    Although love grows over time,
            people love Jesus or Buddha without ever having “met” them.
    Nor is love time devoted.  Although love takes time, a simple, quick
            thought, communication  or action can be as meaningful as hours scrubbing flours.
Love is not possession.  When it’s time for flight,  forever or a night
    love does not monopolize.
Love is not protection.  A mother lion over protecting her cubs
    does them no favor: they will be weak and perish.
    Love allows discovery,  failure and hurt.
Love is not submission.
    Whereas sharing, compromise and devotion are a part of love
            obedience and meekness are not love.
Love is not what others say it is.
    Outside opinions are of little value in relation to the feelings of those involved.

             Each love,  like the appreciation of art and beauty,  is unique and individual.

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