"We hold these truths to be self evident; that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable privileges;"

RIGHTS! "...with certain unalienable rights;"

The difference is critical--the roots of America. The American revolution was fought violently and non-violently to rid ourselves of the privileges of the Divine Right of Kings, and substitute the rights of individual liberty. Privileges are something granted by an authority; unalienable rights are our natural heritage. It was and is a revolutionary idea.

We are tragically losing it through lack of interest, brainwashing by compulsory government schools, politicians who have been bought, cancerous bureaucracies, and internal subversion by the very judiciary that was supposed to be protecting the idea. One example:                                                   


U.S. Supreme Court,
        Garner v U.S. 424 US 648 (1976)

"The privilege against self-incrimination can be claimed against specific disclosures sought on a tax return."

We must remind the Supreme Court the Fifth Amendment is not part of a Bill of Privileges,  it is THE BILL OF RIGHTS!!

This misguided, pompous arrogance of federal judges is parroted on the state and local level. They have intimidated us into turning back the clock to before 1776, because it's easier to deal with sheeple who are kept in ignorance of their proud heritage.

The difference between privileges and rights is THE foundation of America: either people need a Big Brother to grant permission for every personal and economic move, or we have confidence in a persons RIGHT to make their own choices, for ill or good.

        The American Revolution has been betrayed by judges at all levels.


         US v Snider   502 F 2nd 645 (1974)      A citizen is not required to stand in court.

"Refusal to rise for a judge is not punishable."

It's a freedom of speech issue. Standing is an expression of respect for authority.
If you don't have respect for the court, or are in doubt, you can't be required to show it.

            Those who demand respect don't deserve it,  because
                    Those who deserve respect don't have to demand it.


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