As long as schools teach us
    there is a paternalistic government

    in our nation's capitol to

    look after our material needs, and


    Churches teach us their

    rigid interpretation of spiritual ideas,

then we will continue to be dependent on

political authorities, hustlers and hoaxes.

            There is no Santa Claus

            There is no Easter Bunny.

    `       There is no Tooth Fairy.

            There is no Free Lunch.

            There is no Government Help.


There is no authoritarian, dogmatic, paternalistic, personified,  
        anthropomorphic, God the Father, or Allah or ....


There is a natural, spontaneous order and harmony
    in the universe that should be respected.

A multiverse either had a starting date
    or is eternal
    or beginning and end are simultaneous,
        or some other possibility we haven't thought of...    yet.

There is a harmony, unity and natural free spirit
within each humon individual  that is a small, growing part of
a universal consciousness great spirit of humon experience,
    creativity and discovery


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