The following restrictions are regularly proposed and enacted by "well-meaning people",
for the "good of the country" -- meaning for the strength of the government.
        These are the early warning signals of tyranny.

1. Compulsory government schools and restricted private alternatives.

2. Controlled communication, censorship, limitations on meetings.

3. Oppressive taxation; control and confiscation of private property.

4. Manipulation of money and credit.

5. Wage & price controls; restraints on trade and foreign investment.

6. Citizen registration numbers for labor and financial transactions.

7. Birth, marriage, divorce, and death reported to government.

8. Gun control and registration.

9. Compulsory labor for war (a draft) and/or for non-military service.

10. The creation of crimes without victims.

11. Detention of individuals without speedy judicial process.

12. Travel restrictions in or outside the country.

13. Domestic spying and undercover operations.

14. Laws made by executive,  bureaucratic or  judicial decree.

                    The next step is dictatorship.


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