"Do not use force to conquer the universe; this only creates resistance.
    War is evil. Even in victory there is no beauty."


            Gandhi    "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind".


The first casualty of war is truth
War is the ego trip of monopolistic authority.
        War will be abolished when government and religion are abolished.


            Howard Katz      The Warmongers;  a Non-Fiction Book    1979

"'Gott mit uns' (God is with us) was a World War I German slogan.
This is silly. Everyone knows He was on the other side."


            Ludwig von Mises    Human Action   1966

"The history of the world's great religions is a record of battles and wars,
as is the history of the present-day counterfeit religions-- socialism, statism and nationalism."


            Tom Paine   1792

"What inducement has the farmer while following his plow, to lay aside his peaceful pursuit and go to war with the farmer of another country? Or what inducement has the manufacturer? And are not the conquest and defeat each of the same price, and taxes the never failing consequence? WAR IS the gambling table of [ POWER ], and citizens the dupes of the game."

(Stein 4-22-82 cartoon; copr. NEA, reprint permission requested )

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