WHAT CAN I DO?    (outside the election arena)

Each person can contribute to freedom using their abilities and interests:  That's our unique strength. Some get involved in elections and campaign activities. Votes for five candidates plus five issues = ten votes for freedom; they do add up and people do pay attention. But elections aren't the only avenue or arena for change.

Pay attention to the writing and speaking of people who are for individual liberty; your children or students should also. Word of mouth is effective and a time-honored method that can 't be stifled or controlled.

Distribute and mail literature. For example, anytime you receive fund raising requests from other political organizations, use the postage-paid return envelope to send liberty information. The "cross fertilization of junk mail" is very cost effective!

Encourage public,  school and private libraries to stock more freedom books and subscriptions.
Find ways to get them donated.

Speak out at public meetings, civic groups and on talk shows against the march toward democratic socialism and fascism.  Lobby or testify for freedom at hearings.  Participate in a peaceful demonstration.

Write or call with an encouraging,  supportive word to publications,  reporters, broadcasts, bureaucrats, teachers and others who are for private alternatives and individual liberty.
Instead of just negative criticism,  stress the positive possibilities of a free future.
        Fertilize freedom;  shed sunlight on liberty  and watch it grow.

Give libertarian gifts at Christmas and other occasions: hats/t-shirts, bumper stickers, buttons or a subscription.
Write a letter to the editor. Write a song, poem, script, essay, story article or book. Paint , photograph or cartoon. Make a sculpture or movie. Contribute time, services, materials and/or money to organizations.
Help staff a fair booth.  Join a parade.  Gimmicks are okay:  Lady Godiva got great media!

Form a libertarian group,  community or colony.

Serve on a public board, using the libertarian viewpoint.  Work toward dissolving the group and privatizing or eliminating it's functions.  Give support and encouragement to individuals and groups who
are fighting government harassment; they'll be receptive to libertarians.
Join non-libertarian groups and raise the freedom viewpoint often.

Look for private alternatives to social problems and political "solutions". When possible, support private rather than government services. Example: donate books to a private school or university library instead of a government library. Buy a money order or ship packages by private means instead of the postal "service". Seek and support business opportunities in areas that are being deregulated or supply options to government services:  private schools and mediation or arbitration for example.

Nurture new technologies that offer decentralization and individualism.
When possible, avoid government licenses, regulations and controls for business and personal relationships.

DON'T COOPERATE with investigations under vice, tax and other political laws.
Use responses like, "I don't know, I don't remember" or the old standby:
"I decline to answer on the grounds it might incriminate me."   Practice non-violent civil disobedience;  resist the draft. DO COOPERATE with investigations and prevention of theft and assault.
Many are giving up on bureaucratic protection and depending on
neighborhood watches,  private security and prevention.

There are many opportunities for non-voters to further the cause of freedom outside the tainted election arena.

Underground Alternative Economy -- Tax Protest

The major protest governments fear is having their funds cut off, 
either because of tax resistance or an uncontrollable, alternative economy. 
AVOID ALL GOVERNMENTS  like the plague they are  and seek private,  non-coercive alternatives.
It's a freedom vote with dollars.

If you are currently receiving funds in any way from any government,
you're dealing with a financially and morally bankrupt organization.
Don't support governments and consider switching to productive work.

Participate in tax protest in its many forms.  Establish a contract labor arrangement with your employer,
change jobs or become self-employed;  then don't file a return at all,  if possible.
Employers should cooperate with tax avoidance to the best of their ability.
Reduce tax withholding/stealing by using current tax protest strategies.
Be prepared to reduce and accept risks.  Avoid government phony money with barter and other alternatives.

Education - communication: As a foundation for freedom, we must get the minds of our children out of the hands of governments. As a first step, parents who chose alternatives shouldn't also be forced to pay for compulsory government schools. Communication must also be totally unregulated; the First Amendment interpretation must be expanded.

Jury Nullification: Perform jury service based on the common sense of individual freedom; a judge's instructions should be treated as biased suggestions. Since the English Magna Carta in 1215, jurors have the choice to vote not guilty if they feel the law is unfair. This has been used to void the fugitive slave laws in the 1850's, alcohol prohibition in the 1930's, and modern marijuana and co-habitation laws. It works to further personal freedom and can be a libertarian vote that is not part of the election process.

Live the life you seek: When making contact with people of other communities, societies and cultures,
avoid continuing the presumptions of political alienation--communicate PERSON TO PERSON.   
And most important,  live the libertarian principle in your daily life,   without hypocrisy.

            Friedrich Hayek    1944

"If in the first attempts to create a world of free men we have failed,  we must try again.
The experience we have gained  ought to have equipped us better for the task.
The guiding principle of freedom for the individual  as the only progressive policy 
        remains as true today  as in the past."

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