Imagine a glass of premium wine representing individual liberty. In 1776, that glass was almost full -- there was very little government. "Order and harmony were preserved," Tom Paine observed. Ben Franklin jokingly warned leaders to form new governments before citizens noticed they didn't need politicians.

But the local jurisdictions that did exist caused problems of bureaucracy, taxation, and cash and credit manipulation. Domestic discontent surfaced and led to the first calls for stronger, central control. The result was the U.S. Constitution. We gave up some precious wine in exchange for the promise of protection from those who would rob us of our freedom.

Then along came Alexander Hamilton with a central bank idea that allowed the government to control the money supply. We lost some of the wine with that one, but Jefferson and Jackson restored it, for awhile. Also in the early 1800's we were at war with Britain and voluntary state militias defended valiantly. But when government leaders wanted to go to foreign, Canadian soil, the citizen militias said they would be defenders, but not invaders. The wine glass remained nearly full because the people protected freedom by LIVING THE PRINCIPLE, not by depending on political leaders and pieces of paper.

But the authoritarian wine sipping stealers weren't dormant. During this same period, the Supreme Court strengthened centralized political powers, and governments began monopolizing education. These were seeds that would pay great bureaucratic dividends in future generations.

Then came Abraham Lincoln. He was the candidate of northern business interests who wanted to protect their positions of growing power. The stated goal was "Save the Union" -- one of many statist slogans perpetrated as worth dying for. Lincoln was so eager in his purpose that he unconstitutionally suspended liberty in order to save it. We got our first income tax and military draft; we were losing premium wine from the glass. It's an irony of history that Lincoln freed the slaves by planting the seeds for enslaving all of us, and turning the American Dream into a nightmare.

In 1895, the Supreme Court decided that since American judges are more responsive to the people than under a monarchy, the judges should interpret the law, not juries. This nullified the independence of jurors, and The Law was ready to go out of control. Now all the central authorities needed was lots of money.

A vintage year for wine tasting was 1913. An income tax amendment and a central bank were enacted -- both on false pretenses. The groundwork was laid for totally subverting the original intentions of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Woodrow Wilson was the next wine sipper, then gulper. He wanted to "make the world safe for democracy", while eroding it at home. We got a massive military draft, government control of business, and heavy taxation: the legacies for the loss of more wine.

Then came THE CHAMPION WINO of them all:  Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Any resemblance between his socialist-fascist concepts of government and the American Dream were purely coincidental. He started the stealing of our gold, debasement of the currency, and a massive buildup of big government and bloated bureaucracies. But FDR's worst legacy was the 1943 tax withholding mechanism which steals from paychecks -- a direct political pipeline to bulk wine. One of FDR's proteges was Lyndon Johnson. He and the following assorted demopublican republicrat socialists and fascists have used and abused the wine stealing precedents. They have created what our founding fathers would have thought impossible:  a DEMOCRATIC TYRANNY.

            Now is the glass half full,  or half empty?

We are told we live in the "freest country on earth", that our government is the best possible system. But look at what democracy is being compared to: dictatorship, monarchy, socialism, fascism, communism, theocracy, and a mind boggling, nauseating array of combinations -- all for the purpose of keeping a ruling elite in power and privilege,  to make sure they get up to half the wine. Anything more than 50% is slavery,  and the sheeple may revolt!

So even if democracy is the lesser of several evils,  it's still evil.   We are headed into slavery;
        it's time to refill the premium wine glass of liberty and freedom.



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